Kamil Dow is a calligrapher and artist, known for his creative and artistic calligraphic paintings. Kamil's interest in Arabic calligraphy started at an early age. He started this type of art by choosing sayings of wisdom, lines of poetry and verses to create rich, beautiful paintings that stimulate the viewer's imagination.

Kamil produces special distinctive works of art. On the one hand, he deals with Arabic calligraphy with great responsibility as he takes care of the principles and rules of the script. But, on the other hand, he introduces a creative path that goes beyond the familiar and conventional classical rules. Kamil also produces fine art works including abstract, landscape and flower paintings.

Kamil has displayed his works at solo and group exhibitions. He received awards for his calligraphy work and he has books published about his art. Kamil is considered one of the pioneers in the field of artistic Arabic calligraphy and the employment of letters to create an art painting. He uses gouache, ink, acrylic, oil colors, watercolors and mixed media. Kamil's paintings have become an important branch of art in the Arabic calligraphy heritage.

"In the beginning there was a drop of ink, and the drop became a calligraphic painting."
— Kamil Dow